The III Percent Mission Statement: Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will
within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. ~ Thomas Jefferson

Does anyone smell a rabbit boiling on the stove?
Fatal Attraction Bunny

It is time to excise The Stupid from the III.  When the public looks at us they see a joke - a dangerous, not-funny joke.  Part of that is because we let our community be defined by the wrong people - people who do not defend their own lines in the sand, people who are intellectually and otherwise dishonest, people who 'play Patriot' as a hobby, people who simply are not serious.

Not long after we hosted another very successful PatCon here in Idaho, on the eve of returning III Arms products to market, as Phase I construction drew near for another project, as a fellow Patriot was working R&D on a serious Comms tool for our fellow III, as more and more people buy homes and move to our AO, as serious Patriots signed on to be trainers at the Jedburgh Academy - a small group of people decided to once again launch an anti-K campaign.  The timing of the attacks is understandable if you comprehend the larger picture.  The Kerodins partner very successfully with other Patriots to get real, tangible work done in the Liberty Movement. 

Believe it or not, there are people who do not want the III to be a serious component of the Liberty Forces.  Some of those people are in our midst.  Some are trolls.  Some are Provocateurs.  Some are simply miserable Souls who struggle with their own demons by lashing outward.  A few of those people have been invited into my core at one time or another, only to have been separated.  The current knot of anti-K silliness is centered around several FSA, FedGov and StateGov parasites – interestingly, all of whom claim to be not only ‘Patriots’ – but ‘III’ as well.  (And these idiots claim to be the A-Team defenders of Liberty!!!)  They have developed a very unhealthy, unhinged obsession with me and my wife – I think they should seek mental health professionals.  Srsly.

I have let their little hamsters run free for about 2 months now.  At the end of the day, what have they proven?  For all the direct and implied accusations, what is really on the table?  Take a good look, folks.  For all of the public record searches and man-hours spent trying to find some instance where I have done wrong – they got nada. There is no there there.  There is no new information and nothing that was 'hidden'.  Where is the line of people whose pockets have supposedly been picked and legs supposedly broken? 

Where is the corpus delicti?  (Translated: Where’s the beef?!)

Some of my friends and allies have expressed concern that I haven’t responded in public.  I’ve been here before.  I’ve been here many times before.  Red Mike began 5 years ago.  The smears being leveled today are the same, simply recycled.  I just can’t get excited by The Stupid or let it distract me from the serious work we are getting done.  I also let it ride because I knew where it would all end – right here, with not one single living person with a verifiable injury caused by me.

Imagine that.

(That I haven't responded online does not mean action isn't underway - it just means I am not going to discuss those measures publicly.)

The argument process they have used should be quite familiar and easily identifiable by serious Patriots, afterall, our Leftist enemies use it all the time.  Here’s how it goes:  Kerodin is a man.  Men have penises.  Men with penises rape people.  OHMYGODS!!!  Kerodin must be a rapist!  - or - Kerodin is a man.  He’s a white man.  White men owned slaves.  OHMYGODS!!!  Kerodin must be a racist slave-owning KKK leader! - or – Kerodin is a red-head.  Everyone knows red-heads have cooties.  OHMYGODS!!!  Kerodin must have cooties!

The problem with this style of attack?  THERE ARE NO VICTIMS STANDING UP WITH GENUINE INJURIES. 

To my friends and allies: I have stated many times I will remain on point – that I am built for it.  I will take the headwinds so that you may make forward progress for Liberty without suffering the Enemies of Liberty that will constantly try to impede our work.  I do not care if I am liked – I care if we can work together to forward Liberty.

This has been me staying on point and taking the headwinds.  I can and will continue to do so, as long as I know you have my back and will not fold in our march toward Rightful Liberty.

Many of you have sent me snippets over the last 2 months about The Stupid that has been whirling on the Web.  I won’t address everything – but here are a few facts;)


Have you ever:


Had your name legally changed?  I have.

Been divorced?  I have not.

Had a drug addiction?  I have not.

Been addicted to alcohol?  I have not.

Banged heads with the Feds and had your arse handed to you?  I have.

Owned multiple companies?  The Kerodins have.  (Still do, too – and more are coming)

Ever been investigated for financial misconduct?  The Kerodins have not.

Run a charity that delivered truckloads of food, winter coats and clothing to shelters and churches?  The Kerodins have.

Received death threats as a result of your Liberty activities?  I have.

Had your wife physically threatened by cowards who call themselves Patriots?  I have.

Had trolls/provocateurs/genetic garbage posing as Patriots attack your wife online and without cause, and without the balls to meet you in person to discuss it?  I have. 

Been attacked by trolls, Provocateurs and members of the Free Shit Army who claim to be ‘Patriots’ and make serious accusations – while they provide ZERO proof and not one single person who can legitimately claim they have had their pockets picked, legs broken, or were coerced into any act?  The Kerodins have.

Invited numerous trolls/provocateurs/genetic garbage posing as Patriots to meet you in person so they could spew their filth to your face?  I have.

Had a single troll/provocateur/genetic garbage posing as a Patriot accept your invitation?  I have not.

Published a newspaper that was delivered to 34,000+ homes bi-weekly?  The Kerodins have.

Helped Patriots launch a firearms company for the Patriot community?  The Kerodins have.

Helped Patriots launch a physical community for like-minded people to live among one another?  The Kerodins have.

Traveled the country sharing Combatives training with Patriots?  The Kerodins have.

Been handed a bill, even by a Judge, that you refuse to pay?  The Kerodins have.

‘Skipped town’?  The Kerodins have not.  In fact we telegraphed our move to Idaho – ONLINE – for more than 2 years!

Helped Patriots start their own businesses?  The Kerodins have.

Hosted a PatCon?  Two PatCons?  The Kerodins have.

Attended a dozen or more Liberty PatCons/Summits around the country?  The Kerodins have.

Published books for the Liberty Movement?  The Kerodins have.

Run a company providing III Gear to Patriots, filling countless orders, with nobody screaming ‘You picked my pocket!’ and able to support their assertion?  I have.

Been President of a membership organization for Patriots that has satisfied members, participated in actions in more than a dozen states, provided training scholarships for Patriots, and enraged Leftists with multiple propaganda campaigns?  I have.

Donated a personal vehicle to a III Project and turned it into a functional TOC?  The Kerodins have.

Worked with Patriots to outfit and stage that TOC in the Redoubt?  The Kerodins have.

Opened and operated a successful martial arts/self-defense/combatives studio?  The Kerodins have.

Run several businesses and political organizations, satisfied thousands of retail transactions, tens-of-thousands of service transactions, and membership transactions without ever having a single complaint lodged at any BBB, with FTC, FEC, SEC, US or District Attorney, or even an online gripe site?  The Kerodins have.

Pissed off Commies and Useful Idiots, trolls, provocateurs and even a few Patriots?  The Kerodins have.

Put III Percent radio ads on the air in multiple markets with the help of fellow Patriots?  The Kerodins have.

Published magazines?  The Kerodins have.

Published a broadsheet for the Liberty Community?  The Kerodins have.

Provided Patriots with propaganda stickers when they asked for help?  The Kerodins have.

Provided patches and gear to boost morale and cohesion across the III community?  The Kerodins have.

Made it to Beck (or any other serious national 1-hour interview broadcast) as a result of efforts in the Liberty Movement?  The Kerodins have.

Made it to the Drudge banner spot as a result of Liberty efforts?  The Kerodins have.

Had your name in hundreds of media outlets around the world as a result of Liberty efforts?  I have.

Had your hometown newspaper print, verbatim, an SPLC hit piece about you on their front page?  I have.

Quit on a III Project after promising the entire Patriot community that you were in it for the long fight?  The Kerodins have not.

Leveled gratuitous, unsupported accusations of wrongdoing at a Patriot?  I have not.

Lied about a Patriot?  I have not.

Secured, maintained, and improved real estate on behalf of III Projects?  The Kerodins have.

Spent thousands of hours helping promote and support other Patriots?  The Kerodins have.

Taken a salary for your Liberty efforts?  The Kerodins have not.

Hosted other trainers in your AO?  The Kerodins have.

Assembled a serious, hardcore, capable Team of III Patriots to help you achieve goals?  The Kerodins have.

Ever published a single ‘Camel Toe!’ for stats?  I have not.


That is all.

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