The III Percent Mission Statement: Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will
within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. ~ Thomas Jefferson

The "Intelligence" skills training within the Patriot and specifically the III communities is much worse than a bad joke - it is bordering on criminal and existential incompetence.

There is a reason "Army Intelligence" is a punch-line. Trying to incorporate bad doctrine, fundamentally premised on abundant taxpayer-provided resources and impractical, inefficient logistics, into the III Community is folly - dangerous fucking folly.

The primary missing component found in every modern 'graduate' of Huachuca I have met is common sense and experience in the real world (and Balls). "Real World" is that world in which taxpayers do not finance everything being posited and layers of bureaucracy do not serve as magic wands. Not to mention the subsequent byproduct of those 'experts' who lack basic skills - the 'analysis' presented that would be comical if not for the lives put at risk by any Patriot relying on such pablum.

I have advocated for many years that basic, blue-collar Intel work is what the III community must rely upon. I have waited patiently for someone, anyone, with experience to step up and take point to help III Patriots set up operationally efficient and proficient Intel Shops based on Old School common sense and proven techniques, free of the useless doctrinal, strategic and tactical modalities of "modern Intelligence Training".

I can't wait any longer. The level of Stupid being put forth to serious Patriots is intolerable. All the acronyms, buzzwords, fancy institutionalized bullshit is ensuring real Patriots never get a serious Intel Operation up and running. In my more cynical moments, I think that is the goal. In my more generous moments, I think they are just dumb as fuck-all.

My personal experience in such matters (yes, I have paid my bills using such skills during portions of my mis-spent youth, beyond merely my martial skillset) and the team I am assembling of serious professionals is going to begin working with III Teams in the near-future on the local, local, local level to help you set up real Intel Shops that have real capabilities. We will be doing this free. It is too important and time sensitive to do any other way. We'll focus to a degree on what some of us have done in our own respective AOs.

Just consider all the posts, columns, comments you have read and Intel Classes for which you have paid, with all of the elaborate schemes put forth to accomplish what is, at the most fundamental level, a simple f'n task: Incapacitating a piece of OpFor machinery. You've been told you need fancy widgets, comprehensive acronym-titled skills, detailed, mapped and over-analyzed minutia, and maybe heroic Sniper skills with a .50 BMG, a chemical degree and the thievery skills of a magical Elf to acquire all the chemicals you'll need in your secret bunker-lab, to accomplish a simple bit of mischief.

Yet with (essentially) crushed walnuts, a condom, and a set of Balls (Man Balls or the Lady variety), you can accomplish your goals.

The video above demonstrates the simple realities involved. If you and/or your Team has Balls, we can teach you the rest, based on personal, real-world experience.

We will do so.


You'll be reading more about "III OSS" during the summer. We've got the draft of the Field Manual nearing final form, and we'll make it available on Kindle and in dead-tree form. It is a step-by-step manual covering the full scope of running a potent Shop based on a tailored OSS Model. If you read about it anywhere else, you will know you are reading jacked material. ;)

Opera, non verba. That's what we do here. We have no time for circle-jerkers and people who only want to play at being Patriots, like some 3D role-playing game.

We'll announce more details soon. In the meantime, watch closely for how many "Experts" poo-poo this concept, and watch other "Professional Trainers" begin to adopt what you see here, in future blog and forum posts, and at whatever live events they manage to beg their way into. The number of "Trainers" worth your time and money is remarkably few in this community. I know 4.

Fuck. I hate the Stupid.

I have held since I was about 18 that the longer someone spends in college or at University, the dumber they get. The same holds for the "Specialists" in the world. They get so wrapped-up in their 'expertise' that reality becomes a distant notion. Humans are not meant to be 'Specialists' - not at the exclusion of basics. Ever met a brain surgeon who can change a flat tire? Cue your Heinlein.

More to follow.

Buy some walnuts.

Surround yourselves with Men (and women) who have Balls. That's all you need.

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