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Necessary Warning
by Hellesponte & Kerodin

February 14, 2011

Are you III
Do you apply the III title to yourself?
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I recently registered III Percent & III Percent Patriots as a 527 political advocacy group with IRS.

A 527 is allowed to advocate for issues, but we are not allowed, as an organization, to directly advocate for the victory or defeat of any specific candidate, nor may we coordinate any effort with any campaign.

A 527 is required to account for every penny in and out - it is a political organization that is absolutely transparent, publicly listed for all to see.  There can be no shenanigans.  I decided on this type of organization so that everyone could see exactly how every dime is spent.

Our book will be published under this entity, and any profits from selling to "Mainstream" folks will be plowed back into the organization.  I will underwrite the costs of copies for our Masters, select media and a number of copies that I'll send to various Lefty groups, just to watch their heads explode.  The book will be available at Amazon as well, for the general public.

Those of you who agree with me that the III should engage in the political fight in addition to other fronts will understand the need for such an organization.  Nobody involved with the organization will earn a paycheck, unless we actually grow to the point that hiring a professional DC Legislative or PR expert becomes prudent.

I have a concept for a hardcore video I'd like to produce this spring or summer that puts a visual and audio frame of reference out there for the III.  There are several things we can do with a legitimate organization, and you will help plot our course just as you helped to shape the book.

We are the III.  All of us.  If we do not have one another's backs, we are nothing.

I am no leader.

I'm just the guy who registered the paperwork.

Never hesitate to send me a note, offer a suggestion, cuss me.

Without you, they'll crush me (again) for daring to square off against the Status Quo.

With you, perhaps we can help write the next chapter of American History with a favorable ending for Liberty.

Politics alone will not get us out of the mess that is America today.  But political activity is essential, even if we are only laying the ground for the other side of the Ruckus.

Thank you to all who have endured the process of give and take with our book.  Liberty is hard work.

We are about to place a printed work in the hands of our Masters that is nothing less than a slap of a white glove across the face.

We are declaring that we are the III.  We are the Patriots who have the mettle, the gear and the prep to bring Liberty back to America if our Masters refuse to do the right thing and yield.

The Political Class has perverted the Constitution, and we mean to set the republic back to her proper course, the intent of the Founders and Framers who fought and died to demonstrate to the entire race of Man that a state of Liberty is possible, and that Men need not be ruled by other Men.

We will not violate the Constitution to save the Constitution.

Nor will we permit the continued perversion of the Constitution under the guise of legitimate political differences, false arguments that impose the values of Progressivism and Marx by stealth upon the ignorant masses you have created through the abused and twisted  Education/Indoctrination system, and the rest of us via your Tyranny by the Majority.

The Constitution offers tools for dealing with Tyrants who have infiltrated the seats of power in our society.  We will use them all, and we reserve our Right to every tool of defeating Tyranny.

We are Americans.  Our Founders demonstrated that a small percentage of Patriots, driven by Principles that are moral and just, coupled with courage, can free an entire People from Tyranny and deliver them from chains into Liberty.

We know our history, and their blood runs in our veins.

We do not need armies in the field.  We do not need to break a single moral law of Nature or our Constitution to restore the Constitution and Liberty.

We need only a small number of Patriots in each State who refuse to comply with unjust laws, who refuse to yield to the Tyranny of the Majority, who choose to be bold and step into harm's way and stop those who actively work to deny Liberty to their Countrymen.

Our Masters have set the course of the republic toward ruin.  We face what many consider to be an imminent economic collapse.  In such chaos, many competing interests will move to capitalize on the circumstances and fill the vacuum with their ambitions.  They will seek to control the crash for their benefit.

They under-estimate the power of a heart that beats with the passion of Liberty.

We understand the power of nodes.  We understand how powerful it is when a population chooses to stop working for a few weeks...and we understand what it takes to make it impossible for a population to work for a few weeks, if necessary.

The biggest obstacle to Liberty is not LEO, or the potential of putting military on the streets.  It is not even the will of the masses.  It is certainly not the edicts of a corrupt Political Class.

The biggest obstacle to Liberty and Constitutional respect in America is that our current Political Class has never been punched in the nose, literally.  They do not understand what it means when a real Patriot says to Stop!  They think every problem can be solved by lawyers and rules and laws.

Patriots will not dial 911 or for a lawyer or cite unconstitutional laws when we are left with no recourse but to punch you in the nose and Restore the Constitution.

When Patriots choose to depose the Tyranny of the Political Class, the bureaucrats and those who pull their puppet strings will cower in the corners of their homes and pray that the reach of Justice does not find them in their pathetic hidey-holes.  If Citizens are forced to a return of the Vigilance Committees, Justice will be swift and reach into every dark corner, will reach to every signature of every document processed by the bureaucrats and endorsed by their Masters. 

Justice will reach the Banksters by way of Citizen Juries on the front lawns of the Banksters Mansions.  The Political Class should understand that once Justice is unleashed, every signature on every document and every vote on every Roll Call that has extended the Tyranny in America will be discovered, and those who signed and voted to enslave their Countrymen will never be safe from Justice, anywhere.

Those who would infringe and actively work to destroy Liberty are the enemies of Man.

Soon the fight between Liberty and Tyranny will rage once more. 

Where will you stand?  Will you be hiding in a hole, hoping your misdeeds are never discovered?  Will you hide and hope the Ruckus somehow passes you by?

Will you meet on the greens of our political strongholds and change the course of the republic?

Before that day comes, I will walk the halls of Congress and hand our book to those who are ruining our republic and setting the stage for the inevitable.

At least we will be able to say that we warned them...

Resist.  R
einforce.  Reload.  Ruckus.  Restoration.




Communism: Ground Gained

We too often fail to cut through the PC misdirection offered by our enemies within, so let us remind everyone right now: Liberalism is Communism in a cloak.

Below are the 10 points laid out by Marx.

Consider them and consider where the nation is today in reference to each.

Then, consider for each of the points which of our political parties advocate for policies and programs to achieve the stated goals.

1. Abolition of property in land and application of all rents of  land to public purposes.

2. A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.

3. Abolition of all rights of inheritance.

4. Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels.

5. Centralization of credit in the hands of the state, by means of a national bank with State capital and an exclusive monopoly.

6. Centralization of the means of communication and transport in the hands of the State.

7. Extension of factories and instruments of production owned by the State; the bringing into cultivation of waste-lands, and the improvement of the soil generally in accordance with a common plan.

8. Equal liability of all to work. Establishment of industrial armies, especially for agriculture.

9. Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries; gradual abolition of all the distinction between town and country by a more equable distribution of the populace over the country.

10. Free education for all children in public schools.


III Percent Patriots



Excerpt: There comes a time when civility is no longer appropriate as the only option on the table.  Dare we not offend the sensibilities of Liberals, Socialists, and Communists in our midst who are ruining and destroying our republic?  Are we to cower and sheepishly genuflect when we are scolded for the tone or choice of our words in the face of ruin, poverty, tyranny, and death?!

Are we so frightened of chastisement from insignificant men and women of the political Left with stained and darkened souls that we turn from our duties of Patriotism and shun our sacred obligation to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America?  We ask you, is not our republic worth the risk of being castigated?  Is the soul of our mighty nation no longer worthy of our fortunes, our lives, and our Sacred Honor?  Have we lost so much of our heritage, our courage, our mettle, and grit that we will stand idly by and permit the foolish and the stupid, who work hand-in-hand with evil people in our nation, that we will permit them to send us into eternal slavery and tyranny as the world has never before witnessed?

Excerpt: You are a fool if you do not believe that elements of the Left would use force, if they could, to compel you to comply with many of their edicts.  In drafting healthcare reform, they use the threat of financial fines, felony conviction and prison if you refuse to buy health insurance! 

How is that not only a degree or two removed from a pistol to the head? We are undeniably heading toward the same tyrannies known to Russians, Germans, and the Chinese.  It starts with Liberalism, advances to Socialism, and ends with Fascism, Communism, or some other tyranny…and death.

Excerpt: We have a culture of people whose first response to a physical threat is to dial 911, or worse, a lawyer.  We have a nation of people who will dump hot coffee on themselves, then sue the restaurant – and win!  We have a nation of educators who suspend children for drawing a picture of a handgun or for bringing a Boy Scout knife-and-fork kit to show and tell! 

We have a nation of people so removed from the food chain that many would starve to death if the local supermarket closed.  We have a nation of people who cannot truly grasp the hardships faced by most of the people in the world every day, and as a result we have a nation of people who have lost fundamental common sense.

Excerpt: The Bill of Rights articulates the natural rights of man, rights that are not bestowed by government, but rights that are innately ours as human beings.  These rights may not be taken from us.  These rights were written in plain language so that no clever interpretation and manipulation of the intent was possible.  These rights may not be restricted, narrowed, or infringed.  Any attempt to do so is a violation of the relationship between Man and Creator. 

Every narrowing, restriction, infringement, and clever interpretation imposed upon us in the years since our Constitution was ratified is simply a violation of our natural rights.

We hold that every violation of the Constitution and Bill of Rights by those in Government is an act of Treason, as these violations are unjust, undermining the fundamental foundations of our republic, breaking the pact between citizen and government, and desecrating the relationship between Man and Creator.  Any man or woman who enforces these unconstitutional laws on behalf of government is a treasonous soul and an enemy of Liberty and humanity.

Sons of Liberty Flag

Try not to make it to the Big League before it begins.

How do you know when you have made the Bigs?

You catch a Federal case.

When you earn real attention from our Masters, you'll know it...usually after it is too late.  Our Masters will tolerate quite a bit from folks, even Patriots who are rabble-rousing.  They really don't care if you are stocking up on rice and beans, even rifles and bullets.  They don't care if you call them names or incite a few misdemeanors or send them snarky little letters.  If you are trying to get their attention and you have not yet caught a Federal case, it's still amateur hour...or maybe you are valuable to them...

It's when you start to have an impact on the flow of dollars that you will earn real interest.  Write a report that negatively impacts the stock value of a few Fortune 50 companies, and you will soon have a genuine understanding of the term Lawfare. 

You may also be schooled on Constructive Possession.

There are many lessons you may be taught.  Right Now.

You will learn inside baseball details about the US Code that will make you ill. 

The world begins to move very, very quickly. 

You will be faced with stark choices that have never entered your mind, because you think you understand the rules.

You do not understand the rules, until you have been inside the machine.

Then your options are put on the table: 2 years if you take the deal, or 20 if you fight...and we'll add a Conspiracy case for your little dog, too...

You will learn that the power of a US Attorney is crushing.

Do not make it easy to take you out of play, Patriot.

And, it is oh, so easy...if they ever decide to do it.

The choice is theirs...not yours.

Truth, Justice & the American Way?

Not so much.

The DOJ conviction rate is 95% in a bad year, and pushes above 98% according to some stats.  The deck is not only stacked in their favor, they own the deck.  And the card table.  And the casino.  Do you understand?

Can you name any Federal bureaucracy that runs at a minimum 95% efficiency rate?  What does that tell you?

Do not make the mistake of thinking that you intimidate them just because they have not yet chosen to come for you...

The Point: If you are trying to incite Big Brother to notice you, go for it!  But, man up and roll bigger dice.

If you would prefer to make your preparations for it with relative impunity, just go about your business and avoid taking actions that will make it easy for Them to take you out of play, and do not give them a reason to take you out of play.  Don't telegraph about the details of your preparations or defensive measures.  Don't put a pistol in your belt, against your local laws, unless you are willing to use it when LEO spots you in the convenience store.  Avoid gratuitous violence.

Do not draw hyperbolic lines in the sand.  When you draw lines in the sand that you do not defend, it reveals you for what you are deep in your Soul...and some of that bad energy splatters on us, too.

There will be plenty of opportunities for a fight, if you want one, soon enough.  Be smart, stay off the radar, so that any fight you engage will be on your terms.


What is a III Percent Patriot

Historians consider that about 3 percent of Americans took arms and challenged the King during the Revolution.

3 percent.  III Percent.  Threepers.


We exist today.

We are that percentage of Americans who have the tools and mettle of the Militiaman who stand and have drawn a hard line for the Hard Right of the political spectrum.

We are that cadre of American Patriots who refuse to yield further.  Our fathers and grandfathers permitted the insanity of Collectivism too much latitude,
and it is we that History has called upon to set the republic back to her Constitutional principles.

The diseases of Liberalism and Collectivism are murdering the republic. 

We are simply Patriots who are finished passively backing up. We are Patriots who have decided to take action...and if you are an enemy to the Liberty of the republic, stand aside, shut your mouth, or face the consequences of trying to enslave a group of men and women who have no intention of accepting the chains.

The concept of the III Percent is a matter of historical fact and state of mind.  It is not a club or private group.  No Patriot need submit an application to any Leader seeking acceptance, and no entity may strip you of the III Percent title.

If you are an American who shares the ideals of that historic III Percent of Americans who took arms against the King and took to the field when we needed serious men and women who were willing to fight, kill and die for the ideal of Liberty, you are a III Percent Patriot.




Every single law on the books, ultimately, is enforced with the muzzle of a weapon.  It does not matter if the charge is failing to pay your property tax or jay walking, hosting a yard sale without a town permit, or murder, if you resist the punishment in any of these cases, Government will escalate until you yield or...the final step results
in the discharge of firearms. 
You forget this at your peril.
~ Kerodin

III Percent Patriots Kerodin's
Blog: Here

Be polite.

Be courteous.

And have a plan to kill
everyone you meet.

III Patriots must provide the mettle to take point, and the determination not to violate the Constitution to save the Constitution. ~ Kerodin

III Gun Liberty Position

What should be the
Official III Position on 2A Liberty?

Every Arms Control law is un-Constitutional
States/Feds may restrict open/concealed carry
Each State may outlaw arms if they wish
View Result
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III to Congress: Or Else
Should we include the Ruckus concept in our book to Congress as our or else?
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A) Constitutional Authority:  We believe that the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights, as amended, are to be interpreted faithfully and strictly.  The Commerce Clause and the General Welfare Clause are not license for Congress to violate or exceed a single enumerated power described in Article I, Section 8.  We demand that no Congressman shall author or cast any affirmative vote on any legislation without obvious and explicitly stated Constitutional Authority. 

We further hold that any abuse of the General Welfare and Necessary & Proper Clauses are grounds for Impeachment.  Despite claims from those who would be our Masters, such abuses by Members of Congress are not legitimate political differences, but instead represent clear violations of the oath of office each has sworn.
III Position
Item A is ready for the book:
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C) Fourth Amendment: We demand that the plain language of the Fourth Amendment be respected and all Government actions comply with original intent.  Arguments of Public Safety do not justify the infringement of any innate Right.  Violations including TSA Scanners and Pat-Downs as well as Stop & Frisk procedures employed by Law Enforcement must end immediately.  Searches of a Citizen, his papers or effects shall only be permissible upon signed warrant from a Judge.  We demand the PATRIOT Act be immediately repealed.

We demand that any Government Official who violates the plain language of the Fourth Amendment be arrested and charged under USC 18 § 422 for the willful denial of Liberty under color of law.

III to Congress
Is Item C ready for the book?
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E) Scope of Federal Government: We support legislation to de-fund and disband every extra-Constitutional Department and Agency within the Federal Government within one year, including but not limited to the Department of Education, the Department of Energy, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Commerce, the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of the Interior, Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Department of Health and Human Service, the Department of Labor, the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Transportation, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the Drug Enforcement Administration, and the Transportation Security Administration.  All other Federal Departments and Agencies shall submit a written justification, citing Constitutional Authority, for continued operations to the appropriate House and Senate Committees within six months of the effective date of the Legislation.

III to Congress: Item E
Is Item E ready for our book to Congress?
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Declaration of Causes & Necessity
Should our abuses be listed in a separate piece, or combined as Jefferson did?
View Result
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Declaration of Cause & Necessity
Should the tone be hardcore or a bit more civil?
10 - Say the word kill
5 - imply violence
1 - hint that violence may not happen
View Result
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CA suggested amending the Ninth Amendment, new text in red:

The enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people, including but not limited to the right of any defendant in any homicide or attempted homicide prosecution in any jurisdiction within the United States to plead as an affirmative defense that the decedent was a public official who, in the course of discharging the duties of that public office, violated any of the rights of individuals specified in the US Constitution, including the Ninth and Tenth Amendments, as well as any such individual rights specified in any state constitution. For purposes of affirmative defense claims pursuant to this amendment, the term "public official" shall mean any man or woman who receives any compensation for services rendered either as an employee or a contractor as part of either the Legislative, Executive, or Judicial branches of government as established by Articles I, II, and III of this Constitution, including any subsidiary agencies or departments of said branches.

If we use USC 18 § 422 as our initial demand, we can get a head of steam for a Constitutional Amendment to codify the premise as written by CA.  That's a good incremental approach, I think.

Should we include the § 422 demand and the new Amendment demand in the book?

New Amendment
Include the New Amendment:
View Result
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Right to Defend
Does a Citizen have the Right to defend against any infringement, by any means necessary, to the death?
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III to Congress: Right to Defend
Should we include the Right to Defend premise in the book?
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H) Entitlement Programs: The proper place for Entitlement programs such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and Federally sponsored healthcare is in the respective States, and are prohibited to the Federal Government.  We support legislation to abolish all Federal transfer payment programs and every American shall receive a refund of all money paid into these programs, including interest calculated at fair market rates had the Citizen been permitted to save this money in private interest earning accounts.

Our oldest Citizens will be paid first, lump sum payments to make them whole.  The money to recompense Citizens will come from cancelled Federal budgets and sale of Federal Assets, and from legitimate Federal Taxes derived by pre-Sixteenth Amendment sources until all Citizens have been made whole.  This process is expected to take several decades. 

This is a difficult problem to work through and making everyone whole will take a LONG time, it simply can't be done all at once.  Here's our first poll, and if we need to refine the question we'll do it and work our way to an answer most of us accept.

III to Congress: Item H is ready for the book:
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III to Congress: Treason
Is it Treason to violate the enumerated powers?
Yes, only for politicians
Yes, for politicians and voters who support them
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Include the Treason Premise in the book to Congress?
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Treason Clarification Question One:
Treason: LEO
If LEO tries to disarm you, in any circumstance when you are in violation of ONLY some gun control law, is he guilty of Treason?
View Result
free web polls

Question Two:
Treason: Judge
Is the Judge who finds you guilty of said 2A violation guilty of Treason?
View Result
free web polls

Question Three:
Treason: Court Clerk
Is the Court Clerk and the female office Admin (secretary) Guilty of Treason for processing the paperwork of the 2A Guilty verdict?
View Result
free web polls

Question Four:
Treason: Gun Control Supporter
Is the man or woman who donates money to Gun Control groups guilty of Treason for supporting laws and efforts to impose Gun Control?
View Result
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John F. Kennedy: Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.
Impeachment or Arms
If our Masters refuse to Impeach those who violate the enumerated powers the III is justified to go to the Arms of the Militiaman:
View Result
free web polls

III to Congress book:
III to Congress
It is important to include a detailed explanation of the Vote/Impeach/Arms options in our book:
Yes, in VERY stark terms
Yes, minimal emotion
View Result
free web polls

D) States Rights: We demand that Congress begin the process to repeal the Seventeenth Amendment and support the intent of the Founders and Framers to give the States a proper voice in the Federal Government.  We also demand that the entire Political Class abide the intent of the Founders and Framers and respect the power of the States, and particularly respect Nullification.

Item D: Seventeenth
Item D is ready for the book
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D II Proposed Language for Taxes:  We condemn the current system of taxes that assail us from perpetual debt to the State on our homes, to the bread we eat, to the fuel in our vehicles to the obscene percentage of theft by Government from every paycheck we earn from our labors.

The present state of affairs is unconscionable and intolerable.

We demand that Congress begin the process to repeal the Sixteenth Amendment to restore the intent of the Founders and Framers.

Item D II: Taxes
It the language for D II about Taxes ready for the book?
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I) Military Deployment: We demand immediate legislation be submitted that all US Military bases around the world on foreign soil shall be closed within one year, and all American troops brought home.  Any resistance from the US Senate or Executive Branch shall be met with de-funding action by the US House to force Constitutional compliance.  (Any threat that may have once been posed to America from Iraq or Afghanistan has now been eliminated, and all US troops should return to the safety of the US.  There is no reason our troops should still stand a post in Germany, Korea, or any other foreign land)

III to Congress: Military Deployment
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 J) Defense: The Navy has the primary responsibility for American Force Projection around the world, and the Navy and Air Force shall jointly and immediately begin to establish American supremacy in space from Earth's atmosphere to the far side of the moon. (Space is the High Ground.  Until the Nature of Man is fundamentally altered, there will be a militarily dominant Tribe on the planet - I contend that Tribe must be our own.)

III to Congress: Navy & Air Force Role
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 K) Guantanamo Bay: It is inappropriate for the United States of America to hold prisoners without judicial resolution.  Those currently held by the American Government for Terrorism related activity shall be tried by a Military tribunal, and executed or released to their home country upon final judgment of that proceeding.

III to Congress: Gitmo
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Item L: Economy
Item L is ready for the book
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M) The Fed: We demand legislation for a complete and public audit of all operations and holdings of the Federal Reserve System, with joint hearings to effect the abolition of the Federal Reserve System to be commenced within ninety days of said audit.

Item M: The Fed
Item M is ready - we need to End the Fed!
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N) Energy: Energy is a strategic aspect of our economic and national security.  Dependence upon foreign sources of oil are unacceptable, and most alternative energy sources are insufficient to achieve national security goals in a timely manner.  Federal restrictions on the construction of Nuclear Power facilities must be immediately removed.

We demand legislation to compel the US Navy, within one year, to commence construction on 100 Nuclear generation facilities located on Military facilities within the continental United States.  All facilities and the commencement of commercial power generation shall be completed within four years of the effective date of legislation.  Transfer of Generation Facilities from the Navy to appropriate private companies shall occur within two years of coming online.

Item N: Energy
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O) Border Security: We demand immediate legislation to deploy our Military along the US/Mexico border with orders to secure the border.  Our troops are not police officers, and the Rules of Engagement must reflect that our country is in existential danger from the invasion from the south.  Our military professionals must be held harmless when, inevitably, deaths of illegal invaders occur.

Concurrently, we demand that a physical wall be built to secure the entire border, of sufficient design to secure our troops who are tasked with defending our country while making penetration of the wall impractical.  The wall must be designed to last for generations.

Item O: Border Security
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I'm not much for labels.

If I say I am a Conservative, that word means many things to many different people.  So if I call myself a Conservative it does not necessarily mean that you understand what I mean by the label.

But it is important to find a label that helps define you in political discourse, if you intend to be part of the discussion, as I intend.

The label I use is III Percent Patriot.  III for short.

To avoid any confusion, I'll define III from my perspective: I am an American who will go to the arms of the Militiaman to defend my Liberty if the peaceful means of defense that were included in the Constitution are denied.

It's that simple.

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Simo Häyhä: One Man, One Rifle

262,000,000 people were murdered by  governments during the 20th Century.


Every day I strongly recommend everyone who comes to my site: Take a moment and visit Concerned American at Western Rifle Shooters.  Have you taken a good look at the time and effort that has been invested there to build such a utilitarian collection of practical knowledge? There is no wasted effort: Every resource is useful, and worth your time to investigate.

He also posts a few topics of the day, but he has a unique twist that is supported by a knack of finding relevant material from which one can learn.  The other day he posted videos from an old experiment that must be watched and understood by every person who hopes to survive whatever may come our way.  Milgram.  Click it.  Study it.  Burn it into your psyche and

He does not fall into the blog trap of posting a story, then shaking his head...his 2 cents are worth more than most...


The Constitutionalist

The Constitutionalist, written by TL Davis

Kerodin Glossary

Ruckus: This is when the conflict between Left and Right devolves into the realm of the physical.  Government may or may not be involved.

Verbal Ruckus: Discussions between Left and Right that have dropped the facade of civility, but not yet crossed the physical barrier.  Once they put their hands on you, welcome to a genuine Ruckus.

It: A Ruckus.  It may be started from any number of potential events. When it is on, the Ruckus is on.  The most important consideration when it is on: There are no rules.

We use this word as the easiest label for the enemies of the Constitution, including: Collectivists, Liberals, Progressives, RINO's, Establishment Republicans, the Political Class, Lobbyists, Global Warming peddlers, and more...


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The Ultimate Ruckus Rifle
III Percent Patriots


Mr. Kerodin is an Author, Columnist, Speaker & Speech Writer, and Patriot.

"This is Washington DC, my friend - when you play at a certain level in this town, you will be elected, or convicted.  Sometimes, both.  The order of events is irrelevant." - Kerodin

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Where legality and morality part ways, tyranny enters.


"Liberalism, and Liberals, are ruinous to the republic, and must be marginalized if America is to survive.  Patriots must step to this challenge and risk the wrath of the Politically Correct, and do the work that must be done to honor our Fathers.  Liberals must be stopped, at any cost." - Kerodin

"No, I apologize for nothing.  I know the truth, regardless of what may be in the press.  I know that when I stand before Saint Peter, I will be granted passage.  If I am ever granted audience with God, I have nothing to fear.  I have lived the life He chose for me, and I still have much work to do..." - Kerodin

"No man looks forward into life when young and can imagine for himself the life I have lived.  But I am better for it.  I have been places never anticipated.  I have had experiences never dreamed.  I have met people who would have never otherwise been in my social or professional circle.  I have, many times, leaned upon the words of Winston Churchill - 'When you are going through Hell, keep going!'" - Kerodin

My family continues to promote my values where I can not.  They are Patriots.  If you ever meet my wife, you will meet the most loyal wife and Patriot in America.  She is brave, brilliant, and bold.  We fight Liberal stupidity together through the First Amendment.  Laws change - and one day I will stand with her again in the Second Amendment fight that she carries on when I must stand aside."  - Kerodin

Current political leaders are only the face of the problem confronting America today.  The underlying cancer eating the American Soul is Liberalism.  But for your Liberal neighbors, Liberal politicians would never be elected to office.

It is not sufficient to simply defeat Liberal politicians at the polls.  Liberalism must be defeated in our society and Liberals must be marginalized, or this disease will kill the republic.

Every patriotic business owner should immediately fire every Liberal on staff and hire an employee who respects the nation and our Constitution.  Why should any business owner suffer an employee who will simply vote for politicians who further ruin the company?!

The Liberals in your community must be ostracized and denied entry into your social circle.  These stupid people are responsible for the insanity that affects everything from your property taxes to the curriculum taught to your children.  Why would you break bread with them, when they are the reason your bread costs too much?  Why would any parent permit them access to their children, when they are responsible for ruining your child's future?


This book may not be for you.

If you consider yourself to be a Liberal or Progressive, go away. You are not permitted to buy this book. This book is written by patriotic Americans for patriotic Americans. This is a discussion among ourselves, and if you are a Liberal politician or you vote for Liberal politicians,
(Of the genus Stupidus Liberalis)  you are not invited to participate.

First, we will demonstrate that all politicians, judges, and government employees at the Local, State, and Federal levels who support federal Healthcare Reform, the Assault Weapons Ban, TARP, Stimulus I, Free Trade Agreements, PATRIOT Act, the new “Jobs” bill, or a host of other such Federal programs or initiatives, are guilty of Treason against the United States of America.

Secondly, businesses, multi-national corporations and special interest groups that support Liberal politicians and/or Liberal programs, Cap & Trade, Global Warming legislation, et cetera, are committing Treason against the United States of America.

Finally, we will demonstrate that those private Citizens who support or vote for any of these politicians—once the nature of the politician is known to the public—or programs are equally guilty of Treason by knowingly lending material aid and support to a Traitor.

Excerpt: The five most expensive parts of our national budget are:

1.      Social Security

2.      Medicare

3.      Medicaid

4.      Defense

5.      Interest on the National Debt

Numbers 1, 2 and 3 are wholly unconstitutional and brought to us by Liberals. 

Number 5 is wholly a result of numbers 1, 2 and 3!