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Behavior Modification

The Lioness - Power is Power

Honey Badger Fucked Around & Found Out

Honey Badgers are tough.  People who like to think of themselves as fierce animals are generally compensating for serious weaknesses - physical, emotional, sexual and/or mental.  When such people begin to believe their own hype - they usually get fucked-up.

My wife and I own Akitas.  The breed is known for being fiercely loyal and they hunt bear, boar and deer in pair-bonded male/female teams.  Generally speaking, Akitas are quiet dogs.  Most will woof quietly once - as an Alert - when they sense a problem.  Then they go into hunt/defense/stalk/fuck-you-up mode.  If you (or a neighbor) have an Akita that is barking, it is generally a very good idea to investigate -  and be prepared for anything.

Our girl - Hana-Matsu - is atypical in the Akita world.  First, she's a long-hair.  Second, she happens to be mouthy.  If she can see it, it needs to be made aware that it is trespassing in her AO.  Needless to say the deer that walk the streets in St. Maries know who she is and where she lives, and Hana is generally in stalk mode when she watches them taunt her by openly walking around down the street.  But passers-by - especially trucks - are told to take another route next time.

My wife had enough of this lippy behavior one day.  She went outside and had a discussion with Hana, which resulted in an indoor time-out.  I am not certain what else transpired between them - though I know Hana was reminded that Holly is the Alpha female and she was displeased.

This has resulted in an interesting behavior modification from Hana.  She will still bark on occasion - and Holly merely needs to give her a look or a quiet 'shush' and the barking usually stops. 

More interestingly, Hana has added a new vocal pattern to her vocabulary.  No kidding, it sounds like a moose.  It is usually very quiet - the girl has a brain that is hard-wired that she simply must be mouthy, but it is now coupled with the permanent understanding that she does NOT want to earn wrath from the Alpha female.  So - every now and again, we hear a low-volume moose in our yard, knowing it is Hana walking a line between being mouthy and earning Alpha-wrath.

Behavior Modification.

The above story is recent and factual. 

Look around the blogosphere - it is also a great parable that is in evidence, right now.  Every once in a while someone needs a bit of Behavior Modification.  Holly is good at it.  Maybe just a 'shush'.  Maybe a simple trip to the courthouse.  Maybe some other form of back-fist.  Her timeline.  Her modalities.  When it stops - if it stops - how it stops - her call.

She gets results.  She's gotten results.

Holly modified the behavior of her dog for being mouthy. Consider what she's got in store for people who stalk her...

...and no, it was not 'Aunt Polly'.  Camel Toe flipped under oath and gave up his conspirator...

Fuck around.  Find out.

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