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The Ruckus
by Hellesponte & Kerodin
October 27, 2010

There was a discussion recently over at Western Rifle Shooters that is the second most important topic in the Patriot Community today.  You can read the post and comments thread here.

Concerned American pointed out the obvious truth that the Political Class is simply not impressed with the Patriot Community as a serious threat.  The comments reveal the great challenge facing Patriots: What does a physical conflict with the Political Class look like in our world today?

It seems that many Patriots envision a modern conflict in America will follow models that have been seen elsewhere in time.  References to Chechnya, the second American Revolution (aka the Civil War), even the current war in Mexico as the Drug Cartels challenge their Government for control all fail to properly connect the dots and form an accurate picture of a fresh conflict in America.

While we contend that a complete restoration of our Founding Principles is possible without any violence, it will be the Political Class that will choose the course. 

I have never once been in a fight when I chose violence.  The other guy is always in control of the final decision as to whether or not violence is the path we will walk.

If the Patriot Community communicates online and by other means and comes to a general consensus as to the following suggested plan, the Patriots stand a good chance of restoring our Founding Principles without firing a single round and drawing a single drop of blood.

Let's explore the hypothetical's:

Obviously, there are many variables that will help to form the actual parameters of any restoration conflict.  Who shoots first?  Is it a Government move against the public?  Is it an economic collapse that triggers hungry crowds to action?  Is it a Citizen who refuses to let a Sheriff evict the family as part of the Foreclosure Fraud?  Any of these scenarios will bring to life a different opening chapter to the conflict.

For the sake of this discussion, let us assume that regardless of the trigger event, what prompts Patriots to action is a heavy-handed response by Government.

The single most defining reality as to the nature of the fight will pivot around one detail: Is the US Military deployed in CONUS? 

If a conflict comes to pass, it is in everyone's interests (except for the Political Class) that the US Military remain out of the fight.  Any physical conflict that erupts will be a political conflict, and our military has no business in domestic politics.  For the members of the military who feel compelled to take a side in the fight, leave your uniform in the closet and walk away from your unit.  That is the honorable move, regardless of the side you choose to support.

Obviously, the Political Class will want to deploy the military for the public safety.  Translated, that means to protect their vulnerable civilian butts from motivated and annoyed Patriots

The Political Class will try to deploy the military swiftly.

Count on it.

To avoid the moral and practical challenges that will confront Patriots in the face of a military deployment, any conflict must be handled swiftly and decisively, finished before CONUS-based military can be rolled out.

That means from Go! to We're finished!, Patriots will have 72 hours to get their work done.

That sounds like a small window. But honestly consider the realities of the battlespace.  We do not, yet, live in an Iron Curtain country with checkpoints and serious impediments to movement.  Particularly in your AO, you will be able to move about with relative impunity, even if your local LEO tries to impose restrictions.

Yes, moving between states and major cities can be restricted more easily, because there are a limited number of major routes.  This will only matter to Patriots if you live in a secure AO and choose to travel to a hot AO to aid in the ruckus.  If the task of restricting interstate and intercity movement is left to LEO, it is easily overcome. 

If the task falls to the military, the paradigm shifts exponentially.

For those who anticipate battlefields akin to Union and Confederate, the only way this could even begin to materialize is if the conflict drags on for weeks or months, far too long to hold onto any of the good things about America that we would like to retain.  Large formation military type engagements will not happen, certainly not within our 72 hour window.

Really, how many Patriots do you know in your AO?  A handful, at best, is the norm.  We're not asking how many patriotic Americans you know...but how many men and women who will pick up the tools of the Militiaman and take to the field in the first hours of a fight.  It is a small number. 

How can anyone anticipate large formation engagements when there is no large formation?  Likewise, a Chechen scenario can only come to pass if the military gets involved. 

For those few who envision FreeFor hijacking and putting serious military hardware in the field, please do everyone a favor and join the grown-up discussion.  It will not happen.  It does not need to happen.  While you and a few folks you know may know how to drive a tank, fly a fighter, or use HE to take out a bridge...this fight will not be such a fight.

The opening volleys in this fight will find Patriots and the tools of the Political Class, LEO, nose to nose.

And, we contend, the ruckus has the potential to be bloodless.  Yes, we are optimistic.  But if Patriots do their part and execute properly, there will be very few OpFor who choose to snap off a round.

It will be LEO that initially sets up riot lines, roadblocks to limit movement, and kicks in doors to fill buses for trips to Camp Nowhere.  It will be LEO that is tasked with enforcing the edicts of the Political Class, directed to their targets by the bureaucracy...just as it is today

This will not change between now and First Contact.

This will be the 72 hour battlespace.

There are two Tactical goals.

One: Patriots will gather in force at every LEO Station, City Hall and State House and enter the buildings.  Bureaucrats & LEO go home. Politicians will make themselves available for discussions.  Now.

Two: The Courts will begin processing the cases of Treason for all of those Politicians, Bureaucrats & LEO who continue to act beyond their Constitutional limits.

Both Tactical Goals support the Strategy of standing down our current Political Class and having serious conversations with your elected officials about the new requirement that they comply with the words and intent and principles of the Constitution.

The Strategy & Tactics support the Doctrine of forcing our Politicians to faithfully honor their oath to remain within Constitutional bounds as they perform their duties.

There are 800,000 badges and guns in America.  Irish Cicero over at WashingtonReb is confident that a significant number of LEO is honorable enough that they will not be pawns enforcing diktats.  While there will certainly be a percentage of LEO who choose to sit out the fight, for our purposes let's assume worst-case numbers.

800,000 badges and guns, a large percentage will certainly be consolidated in our large metropolitan areas, and particularly in DC, NYC, LA & Chicago, the power centers of the Political Class.  Even if they were able to field every one of those badges and guns, 800,000 would be spread very thin across this nation.

In a confrontation, they will be overwhelmed in hours if Patriots act with a motivated sense of urgency and determination, and a singular purpose.  Even using the modest 3% number, Patriots will field 1.5 million men and women. 

The fangs of the Political Class are the badges and guns of LEO.  They are given their target lists by local and federal bureaucrats.


Consider 1.5 million Patriots moving as one into their respective AO's, delivering orders to local LEO that they must stand down.  Imagine 1.5 million Patriots moving into every City Hall and State House across the nation, instructing bureaucrats & LEO to go home.  Politicians will settle into their chambers for discussions with their Citizen Patriots.

If you live in Mayberry and ten Patriots with rifles and go bags show up at the station and tell Andy & Barney to go home...

If you live in a suburban community with 50,000 residents, 3 police forces, 5 police stations...and 50 Patriots meet at each station armed with the tools of the Militiaman and tell LEO to go home...

How many Patriots would it take to walk into your City Hall and encourage staff and bureaucrats to go home?  What about your State House?

Power Centers such as NYC, LA & Chicago will require nothing more than many thousands of Patriots marching down city streets toward the offices of the Political Class.  In NYC a special contingent would be prudent to enter Wall Street banks and take positions in lobbies and on the floor of the various exchanges.

In DC all roads lead to the National Mall.  At one end of the Mall is the White House and at the other end is the Capitol.

Hundreds of thousands of people joined Glen Beck on the Mall in August.  Several hundred thousand Patriots who peacefully gather on the Mall will earn audience with the Political Class.

If Patriots do their part...just show up, everything else will fall in line.  Consider 100,000 or more Patriots fouling morning traffic into DC by walking across each of the various bridges that lead into town, then shutting down all traffic as they pack and push through the famed streets of Constitution and Independence and Pennsylvania.

The Patriot who meets the LEO who must deny access, as marching to the National Mall while armed is against the law should be met as a brave man, an American.  This man has a choice.  He may raise his weapon to deny you and your thousands of friends the route...or he may holster his weapon and let them pass. 

The decision of violence is his... Fort Sumter's.  There is no moral justification for drawing First Blood.  If there is to be violence, let the other guy start it...

When you reach the front lawn of the Mall, your Patriot force that has come to remind our duly elected officials of the limits of the plainly understood words of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, you will be granted audience by a senior member of the Political Class.

Be respectful.  Be patient.

If no duly elected Politician comes outside to speak with you, take your men inside the building, away from the weather.  After all, Patriot, these buildings belong to each and every one of us.

Consider how cooperative a Governor would be with 1,000 Patriots on the front lawn.  Consider the chats that could be had with the 535 members of our Congress with 100,000 Patriots on the steps of the Capitol.  Imagine the conversation between the very respectful 100,000 Patriots surrounding the White House.  I bet the First Lady would provide refreshments.

If Patriots fail to accomplish these two goals within 72 hours, the national Political Class will deploy the military for the sake of public safety.  Attaining a clean, decisive and violence-free victory will become impossible.

There is no such thing as a brilliant and prolonged military action.

The order of the day is Shock & Awe, overwhelming presence, singular purpose, and the understanding that this is a battle for the future of Liberty on the planet.  Defeat is unacceptable.  The only negotiated settlement is that the Political Class immediately goes home.  Extra-Constitutional agencies shutter and the people who work there go home.


This is no place for a 15 round brawl.  Restoration must be a precise and lightning-fast course correction.

If Patriots hesitate and the military is put in the field, the best parts of America will die in the ensuing battle, regardless of who prevails.

The Ruckus Part II is here.

Oh...what is the most important question for Patriots?

What happens the day after the Political Class yields?

What does Day One of the Restoration look like?


III Percent Patriots



Excerpt: There comes a time when civility is no longer appropriate as the only option on the table.  Dare we not offend the sensibilities of Liberals, Socialists, and Communists in our midst who are ruining and destroying our republic?  Are we to cower and sheepishly genuflect when we are scolded for the tone or choice of our words in the face of ruin, poverty, tyranny, and death?!

Are we so frightened of chastisement from insignificant men and women of the political Left with stained and darkened souls that we turn from our duties of Patriotism and shun our sacred obligation to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America?  We ask you, is not our republic worth the risk of being castigated?  Is the soul of our mighty nation no longer worthy of our fortunes, our lives, and our Sacred Honor?  Have we lost so much of our heritage, our courage, our mettle, and grit that we will stand idly by and permit the foolish and the stupid, who work hand-in-hand with evil people in our nation, that we will permit them to send us into eternal slavery and tyranny as the world has never before witnessed?

Excerpt: You are a fool if you do not believe that elements of the Left would use force, if they could, to compel you to comply with many of their edicts.  In drafting healthcare reform, they use the threat of financial fines, felony conviction and prison if you refuse to buy health insurance! 

How is that not only a degree or two removed from a pistol to the head? We are undeniably heading toward the same tyrannies known to Russians, Germans, and the Chinese.  It starts with Liberalism, advances to Socialism, and ends with Fascism, Communism, or some other tyranny…and death.

Excerpt: We have a culture of people whose first response to a physical threat is to dial 911, or worse, a lawyer.  We have a nation of people who will dump hot coffee on themselves, then sue the restaurant – and win!  We have a nation of educators who suspend children for drawing a picture of a handgun or for bringing a Boy Scout knife-and-fork kit to show and tell! 

We have a nation of people so removed from the food chain that many would starve to death if the local supermarket closed.  We have a nation of people who cannot truly grasp the hardships faced by most of the people in the world every day, and as a result we have a nation of people who have lost fundamental common sense.

Excerpt: The Bill of Rights articulates the natural rights of man, rights that are not bestowed by government, but rights that are innately ours as human beings.  These rights may not be taken from us.  These rights were written in plain language so that no clever interpretation and manipulation of the intent was possible.  These rights may not be restricted, narrowed, or infringed.  Any attempt to do so is a violation of the relationship between Man and Creator. 

Every narrowing, restriction, infringement, and clever interpretation imposed upon us in the years since our Constitution was ratified is simply a violation of our natural rights.

We hold that every violation of the Constitution and Bill of Rights by those in Government is an act of Treason, as these violations are unjust, undermining the fundamental foundations of our republic, breaking the pact between citizen and government, and desecrating the relationship between Man and Creator.  Any man or woman who enforces these unconstitutional laws on behalf of government is a treasonous soul and an enemy of Liberty and humanity.

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III Percent Patriots

Get your head on straight, Patriot!Following the counsel of idiots and hollow heroes regarding SHTF circumstances will get you dead...and if you can't tell the difference between serious men and hot-air machines, you're already half way to a mass grave.  Growling on blogs about how you will not yield one more inch, or one more of your gun rights, then letting LEO have your pistol during a traffic stop makes you a pathetic joke, not a Leader worthy of serious consideration.  Hyperbolic proclamations about what you will do to any Alphabet Agency team making a dynamic entry to your home is hardly helpful to the Patriot cause.

Man up and think for yourself, or you are wasting perfectly good air, and feeding those who depend on your intellect and common sense false hope.

Mr. Kerodin is an Author, Columnist, available Speaker & Speech Writer.

"This is Washington DC, my friend - when you play at a certain level in this town, you will be elected, or convicted.  Sometimes, both.  The order of events is irrelevant." - Kerodin

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It is not sufficient to simply defeat Liberal politicians at the polls.  Liberalism must be defeated in our society and Liberals must be marginalized, or this disease will kill the republic.

Every patriotic business owner should immediately fire every Liberal on staff and hire an employee who respects the nation and our Constitution.  Why should any business owner suffer an employee who will simply vote for politicians who further ruin the company?!

The Liberals in your community must be ostracized and denied entry into your social circle.  These stupid people are responsible for the insanity that affects everything from your property taxes to the curriculum taught to your children.  Why would you break bread with them, when they are the reason your bread costs too much?  Why would any parent permit them access to their children, when they are responsible for ruining your child's future?


This book may not be for you.

If you consider yourself to be a Liberal or Progressive, go away. You are not permitted to buy this book. This book is written by patriotic Americans for patriotic Americans. This is a discussion among ourselves, and if you are a Liberal politician or you vote for Liberal politicians,
(Of the genus Stupidus Liberalis)  you are not invited to participate.

First, we will demonstrate that all politicians, judges, and government employees at the Local, State, and Federal levels who support federal Healthcare Reform, the Assault Weapons Ban, TARP, Stimulus I, Free Trade Agreements, PATRIOT Act, the new “Jobs” bill, or a host of other such Federal programs or initiatives, are guilty of Treason against the United States of America.

Secondly, businesses, multi-national corporations and special interest groups that support Liberal politicians and/or Liberal programs, Cap & Trade, Global Warming legislation, et cetera, are committing Treason against the United States of America.

Finally, we will demonstrate that those private Citizens who support or vote for any of these politicians—once the nature of the politician is known to the public—or programs are equally guilty of Treason by knowingly lending material aid and support to a Traitor.

Excerpt: The five most expensive parts of our national budget are:

1.      Social Security

2.      Medicare

3.      Medicaid

4.      Defense

5.      Interest on the National Debt

Numbers 1, 2 and 3 are wholly unconstitutional and brought to us by Liberals. 

Number 5 is wholly a result of numbers 1, 2 and 3!